新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→
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新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

At the beginning, I came to this school with some worries and fears. Here, I not only felt the opportunity of a fresh start, but also an added sense of responsibility and mission. Here everyone is sowing the seeds of their own ideals, and striving to achieve them. Moving from my confused beginnings to my present earnest study, was due to the love of the students around me for learning. The teachers here are also very responsible and earnest to each student. The students are also very warm. It only took a week for me to feel fully part of our class. There are also places where I can skate, which is the happiest thing for me. There are even many students willing to skate with me,and I am happy to teach them. In the following weeks, I will study harder to get closer to my goal.





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

When I first came to CDOIC, I was attracted by its indoor equipment, probably because the school I used to go to only had ordinary equipment. I expected a lot on the first day I studied here. The teachers are very nice and patient here. My classmates are very friendly to me as well. Though the school is very small, it’s also very clean. I’m good at some subjects but some are little difficult to me because I have never learned them before, it will take me some time to catch up. I also enjoy the ECAs(Extra Curriculum Activity) because there are a lot of choices and we can do things we like other than normal study.





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

I have been studying in CDOIC for nearly a month, and I find myself enjoying my time in school more than ever before. This is the first time for me to study in an international school, but there is a good atmosphere of study in the school. Students help each other and teachers also interact with each other.No one here forces you to study, but students can motivate themselves and teachers can help. I look forward to studying here.





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

It has been almost a month since I entered CDOIC, and I have gradually become accustomed to and love this vibrant campus from the confusion and strangeness I felt when I just entered. This is the first time for me to come into the British education system. Before, I always thought that international courses should be extremely simple and easy, I definitely did not have a clear understanding of international schools! After three weeks of study, I gradually found that IGCSE is a deep, interesting, creative and thoughtful course for students to fully develop, and the teachers here areprofessional and responsible. I admire the teachers' teaching and learning experience and regard them as my model for future study. Their responsible attitude towards work and students makes me really satisfied with the teaching quality of this school. Overall, CDOIC is a good paving stone for admission to a good university.





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

Step into CDOIC and chase dreams. The young at the start through trial bloom thousands of miles.

When I first arrived at CDOIC, I was amazed by the education system here. Different from other schools, teachers here aremore willing to let us explore independently and acquire new knowledge. I had never been in a lab before, and I found a whole new joy. For example, the anatomy of kidneys and eyeballs in biology class and the wonderful debate in English class were all unimaginable to me before I came here. I certainly encountered many difficulties during the first month. I find it difficult to switch from Chinese to English. I had never had any experience with economics before, so this subject was especially difficult for me. Fortunately, patient teachers and friendly classmates were willing to help me. With their encouragement, I quickly adapted to the new learning environment. Choose without regret; sway, adhere and embark upon new roads by dreaming forwards.





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

When I visited OIC for the first time, I felt that the learning atmosphere was very good, especially in Art. The Art works of students were hung everywhere in the corridor of the dormitory and teaching building. When I went to Oxford to study four weeks later, I was very firm in my decision, the arts class students actively create their own work, in a variety of forms. I think everyone sitting in the classroom sincerely loves art. The advice from the art teachers is always very effective and interesting. It provides me with an excellent creative atmosphere. In a word, I believe that students who come to OIC can create excellent original works .





新生特辑 | 我的OIC入读体验→

As a new student in CDOIC, I quickly integrated myself into class. All my classmates are friendly and helpful, they treat me like a friend of many years. They told me where the classroom was when I get lost. They also taught me the knowledge I didn't exactly know. All the teachers I’ve known here are really nice, too. They allow me to play the piano in this school anytime I want, I actually made many friends by playing the piano! All in all, CDOIC is a good place to study and make friends.











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